3 thoughts on “$$$ Getting Started Trading Futures

  • 2009/06/27 at 16:22

    First I just want to say you have great information, thanks for the hard work. However, one question how do you trade in real time with 20 minutes delay quotes using TOS. The amount of /ES can move in 20 minutes can cost you a lot.


  • 2010/01/12 at 03:42

    Yes this 20 minute delay is a worry… Is there an answer or is it a trap.
    Notice there is no answer to the previous post… interesting.
    I was thinking of joining but didn't want to trade with TOS.. am using Ninja… but looks a bit too hard.
    Anyone know how to get live feed from this thing and not use the account .. also dont have Ameritrade account as noticed in the forums a s a workaround.???

  • 2010/10/20 at 09:10

    I just listen to the 'getting started'; you finish, say good by and then a website comes on that I have no idea what it's all about. No transistion. Just wham!

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