* Please be polite to everyone.
* Please don’t be rude to anyone.
* Everyone’s opinion matters.
* Everyone is to be treated with kindness and respect.
* There is to be no bashing of ideas.
* There are to be no discriminatory comments about age, race, gender or ethnicity.
* Solicitation of any kind is prohibited. The promotion of products and websites is not allowed.


* Jing is a screen capture software that is used to share screenshots. Click the capture button and you have a url to share. It’s fast and best of all free.

* Deskpins allows you to pin certain windows on top of you charts. For example, if you wanted to pin the chat and the market internals spreadsheet to the top. This allows you to click on your charts without them disappearing behind them. There are hundreds of uses for this app and it’s free.

* The Glossary defines all of the lingo we use everyday. Especially helpful for someone new to trading or to the room.

* The CRASH indicator is the TOS study you will see in my videos. It shows the 4pm close, the 4pm trading hours only pivot and the half gap fill. If you are wondering about the name, I named it after a member here named Crash who forwarded it to me.

* The Market Internals Spreadsheet for TOS is used to measure market breadth during the day. You must have TOS open before you open the spreadsheet or it will not update.

* The Forex Factory Calender is a great tool for seeing the upcoming economic events that can effect price. It is also a great tool for learning “how” these events can effect price. Click on the details folder for each event to see the specs for each event.

* Forex Market Hours shows you when all the markets open and close. They also have a nice app that you can download that sits on you desktop.