9 thoughts on “End of Day Scalp 08/25/08

  • 2008/08/25 at 19:25


    I am so pumped to find your blog ! Great job here. I have been looking for a futures blog ! So this is a great find for me . I am more a swing trader than day trader and more es, and es options but none the less. I enjoyed the video and look forward to more.


  • 2008/08/26 at 19:16

    Great to have you! If you have any questions let me know..

  • 2008/08/26 at 23:03

    Hi Dhalsey, I just want to know, how in the heck do you get your blogspot web site to look this hot !!!!
    Is this a third party template that you can upload into blogger?
    I really like you video. I’m going to go thru this entire blog. I don’t day trade, but I use a daytrading method to get the very best entry price for overnight’s- AUG record on overnight’s 16 and 4, pretty wild heh !!!

  • 2008/08/27 at 00:08

    Hey z-stock, Thanks for the kind words. I actually can’t remember where I found this template. It was free. SOmeone had converted it from a wordpress blog to blogger. I did a whole bunch of custom html work on it from there.
    Your at a 75 percent win record. That is awesome..

  • 2008/08/27 at 01:52

    QQQQ has major support right there near the 40 day approx 46.0
    I’m closing 1/2 my shorts at $46 and going long into Thursday’s GDP report.
    Last time or one time I did that with GDP ( 2.7%) I got massacred, so I’ll have tight 1% stop loss on all.

  • 2008/08/27 at 01:58

    I did a google search on 3rd party templates. I didn’t even know they had 3rd party templates for blogger. I’ll be searching around for them, now that I know they are out there.

  • 2008/08/27 at 11:42

    I shorted IWM at 76.3, just have to wait and see if that workd. I also shorted XLE at around the 200 day. I think that’s a resistance test, for next couple of days. Just have to see if XLE can gap up above the 200 day.

  • 2008/08/29 at 23:59

    Quick question. It looks like you are using TOS, but where do you pick up the left most pane that shows the bid and ask?

  • 2008/08/30 at 09:14

    I have a TOS account and then also a futures account with Infinity Futures. Their clearing firm is TranAct futures. The order entry is free with Infinity and 400 a month with TransAct. Who you use really depends on how much and how many contracts you trade.
    Hope that helps..

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