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  • 2008/09/02 at 18:37

    Can you see 126* as a possible support area. I’ve been shaken out of my positions so much in the past few weeks that I don’t trust any moves in any direction.

    BTW, what software do you use? The chart looks like the TOS platform, but the thing on the left looks similar to TS’s Matrix -just curious.


  • 2008/09/03 at 23:58

    The design of your website is superb.

  • 2008/09/04 at 07:40

    Thank you very much..

  • 2008/09/04 at 08:05

    Great website – I’m glad I found it.

    I’m really interested in the ambush trade setup that you use. I have a question – is there any reason why you choose to use a 144-tick chart as opposed to another timeframe? I know Hubert Senters over at TTM uses a 2-min chart. Does the 144-tick chart provide you with more trade ambush opportunities that a larger time frame would not?

  • 2008/09/04 at 08:16

    Hi Ken, I really like the 144 tick chart. There is a lot of noise though. I follow Hubert too. I have tried the 2 minute chart and just haven’t had much success with it. It is a lot easier to see the bigger ambush plays, which by the way are the ones that end up having the highest chance of working out and hitting their targets. I have been experimenting with a 1 minute chart. It has actually helped my P/L this week. To answer your question, yes there are more opportunities on the 144, but you will get whipped around with it. The 1 minute seems like a good blend of the two.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  • 2008/09/11 at 08:47

    Hi David,
    New to your site, but I have been searchign around, even did a google search of your site and could not find the answer to the following two questions:
    1)What charting software do you use?

    2) What video software do you use?

    Great work ont he site, keep it up, sir!!

  • 2008/09/11 at 12:16

    Hey Ed, thanks for visiting.
    The charting software is ThinkorSwim and the order entry is Infinity Futures

    The video software is called Camtasia.

    Hope that helps..

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