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There are times in the market that regularly produce trades on a consistence basis. You will witness volume at these specific times.

3am EST: The London open. This time frame produces a high number of entries into the trend of the European session. This is also often the exact reversal of the German open.

5:30am EST: The London doldrums. Profit taking from the European open. Equivalent to the 11:30 reversal of the US session.

8:00-9:30am EST: 90 minutes before the opening bell begins the attempt into the gap fill for the open.

10am EST: Most big money will wait for the first half hour after the bell to place their first trades of the day. The 10am time frame produces more entries then any other.

1130am EST: 30 minutes before the European close. This is called the 11:30 reversal period, the beginning of the daily doldrums. We usually witness profit taking in the opposite direction from whatever the main direction of the morning was.

1:30-2:00pm EST: The end of the daily doldrums. This is many times a stop run from the consolidation of the slow choppy lunch time trade.

3:30-3:45pm EST: An attempt at a run toward the daily pivot for the next day.

Stick to these specific times and you will find yourself in the beginning of trends as they develop.