DH, I just want to thank you for the level of professionalism and knowledge shared here. I have studied and seen the same strategy (fibs) in other places but never a strategy so robust and well rounded around looking at the whole market. It really has made a difference in my trading and my life. I have been able to be more relaxed and spend quality time with my family knowing I’m looking at the market from the correct angle. Thank you and god bless your family, business and activities.


I want to say a big thank you to DH for his invaluable help in trading these markets and I want to illustrate what a disparity there is between what DH shares and what mainstream media and strategists share by linking an article I received in an email from my broker yesterday. The article is from the “Chief Strategist” at Interactive Brokers. It is entitled Head Fake Thursday. In the article he says “I was thus quite surprised when stock futures halted their minor decline just before the open and began to turn higher. There appeared to be no reason for the advance …”. Instead of being surprised, those of us in this group were waiting for it and ready to trade it. In fact, we were expecting the decline and the reversal off the VIX’s pullback. If there was any head fake it was the initial attempt to go back up at 10:15 which seemed for a brief moment to get the dollar and bank on board. I jumped in on that trade but was fairly quickly out when dollar and bank turned sharply again with a small loss. But I was still ready and waiting for the eventual turn at the 12:00 PM timeframe when all the leading indicators got on board. I guess maybe everyone here should be applying for “chief strategy” positions with brokerage houses because, thanks to DH, we are clearly better qualified than those holding the positions now.


DH, not puffing here. You’re beyond brilliant in your knowledge, natural teaching ability, patience and relentless inquiry of your own assumptions. I personally believe you may be a robot, programmed to save mankind from its own ignorance. 🙂 No matter. I’ve learned more from you in a few years of part time involvement than I learned through two advance degrees. And I’m NOT just talking Day Trading. I’m certain I speak for all of us when I say, thank you so much! Just keep doing YOU!




The most value. Period!


LOL!!! The best deal in all of trading??!!


Only reason why I’m here for the value, it’s invaluable to me…. Thank you for all the teaching we get.


I have done this for years and tried tons of services nothing has even come close to the knowledge of this service.


Mr Halsey, I have learned more from you about trading than any book or any other person.  I did attend trading school 5 or so years ago.  This is my hobby as I do not need the money.  This is starting to become a profitable hobby thanks to you

I was trained as a CPA, CFP,RIA Series 24, 65, 66 and more.  Worked in the securities industry since the Dow was 800.

Did not want to sound bombastic but just my background info. Yes also probably your oldest student (67)

Finally thanks for your dedication to us, your career and most of all your family!  You may share this info with the class if you desire.



Since 08. This is the best service. Hands down.


Good stuff DH. Thank you very much. It has been the Best trading day of the year for me so far.


DH, since I discovered you and your methods in November, you have changed my trading life to green. Life changing for me, so thank you very much.


I can tell you since joining this room probably 7-8 years ago, the price of admission is worth it – how many people were selling GC at 1626, just as it was bouncing off 50% line so many times, these strategies have kept me in trades when I would’ve had weak knees otherwise. Well done DH


I’ve been in the room for several years now. Without your refined method I wouldn’t be profitable trader that I am today.


DH, I have been a member for about 13 years and trade almost daily. I made up my mind at the beginning of this year to follow faithfully every rule you have laid out and this year I am ending with a phenomenal result, double my previous best! Thank you, I appreciate you and what you do for all!


Dh, amazing understanding of the markets! Even after 10 years I still learn every day. Keep up the good work.


David I cant say enough how much since joining this room my trading has improved. Thank you!


I just want to say my trading has done a 180 since joining. Thank you DH. Getting better everyday. I’m sure you have heard this before.


Ok so I went over my trade percentage win loss this weekend since everything I’ve lost including costs for services. Ok before trading without MM trading my win loss was at 35.62 %. I am blown away David. I am now trading at 79.61%. Thank you so much. Namaste


I just wanna say thank you DH, Its been a heck of a ride. I liken it to watching skiing on television. Its incredibly boring for most people and they only want to see the crash but if you are a skier yourself then the nuance and expertise on display is really another level. I have learned so much about the history and our time and place in the economy since I started participating back in April/May. Almost everyday without fail. your web conference has made watching paint dry the most exciting thing on the planet.


I am being dead serious. i have learned more about economics in this room than my 150,000 education


Wow.. Its been a fun ride on Gold this morning! DH, your approach has improved my results by 47% so far… Thanks!


DH… Just want to say thanks again… I have learned more about trading futures successfully in the last two weeks of being in this room than I had learned in the last year and a half of trying to do this.


Thanks Dh. Just want to mention that I have been with you for over five years and your patience and professionalism are additional learning points to the system that you have shared. Just wanted to share my gratitude and appreciation.

David John

David. Not to be to gooey here. But I spent well over $20,000.00 trying to learn to be a trader. I was going to quit. Your book and your trading have finally gave me what I so much needed. Thank you I have been profitable every day since I have implemented your trading style. Blessings


I just wanted to pop in and thank you again for such an amazing year. I have said this many many times but you are one the good souls in the world. thank you so much for your passion and dedication. I don’t think many of us realize how hard it is to do what you do. the amount of time you give us is astonishing. I would gladly pay $1000 a month for what you give us. this year was the best year trading EVER, and I know 2018 is going to blow this year away even more. it ALL started with finding your book at a bookstore years ago…..:) thank you from the bottom of our hearts. you are a very special person. cheers dh!


DH. I’ve been getting my feet wet with the MM methodology over the past 2 weeks. Watching the webinars, the excellent analysis, and just started reading the book. It’s like a fog has lifted. Many thanks! This way of seeing really brings structure and order to the chaos. The chat room is insightful and entertaining as well. Looking forward to the continued learning. Much appreciated.


I have traded professionally for the last 8 years. You can learn a ton here. This is a no spin place to learn mechanical markets. DH is one of the people I listen to for commentary that I trust. The others cost me thousands. His membership fee is pennies compared to what it is worth.


Thanks DH… This has been the most informative live chat I have ever been on.. and I have been in rooms where it was $1000 a day.


I studied economic history at the London School of Economics and DH puts the entire faculty to shame 😉 I should have saved that $ and just come here!


DH, thank you for your leadership once again. Your patience amazes me after 8 years in your room and listening to you answer the same questions over and over from people.


I would like to take this moment to thank our host for 10 excellent (and technical) years of trading futures in this room. I joined in late November of 2009 and have enjoyed and learned a century of trading wisdom in a mere decade.


Wanted to thank you from the bottom of our heart for everything you do. it has been the best trading year of our lives by 50 fold. thanks to you…. cheers to all.


DH, just want to say that thank you for all you do for us here. since becoming an addict, my quantity of trades has decreased significantly, but my quality of trades increased! I have literally went from losing 70% to gaining 40, 50, 60+


David, your guidance has improved my accuracy for entry and exits; I now feel more confident than I have in years, thank you very much!


DH, I wanted to say thanks for your book and service, Your understanding has drastically improved my results. Thanks!


Dh- I have been meaning to take a minute and thank you again for everything you do. I have been trading futures off and on since 2004 and I’ll be honest I have never had a winning year. I have been with you since last fall and I have yet to have a losing month. And since August have not had a losing week. It took me a LONG time to get rid of all my excess baggage and just listen to you. More specifically, listen to exactly how you trade. I thought I was so much smarter for so long always tweaking the way you teach to trade. I finally decided to just trade how you teach and my lord, the results are nothing short of amazing. I can’t imagine you make much money from this room and you don’t seem to run the room to attract investments. So that leaves that you actually want people to learn and care about people. In this world that’s rare. It’s not too much to say you have changed my life teaching me how to trade this way. You are a born teacher and absolutely amazing at it. Cheers to you dh!


David Halsey and his site EminiAddict.com is the most valuable site on the Internet! Period! DH gives no exact price trading advice as to entering and exiting trades but the information he provides on a very timely, consistent, clear basis is as close as is possible without stepping over “that line”. He is wonderful in explaining and as needed re-explaining what he considers important to the markets on a daily basis! This is not a trade service site. It is a learning site and through David Halsey’s teaching he endlessly attempts to teach his method of trading the markets! Studying his method and listening to him over a period of time the very valuable information he provides can lead a trader to make his own decisions using informed decision making. This is a lifetime method and it works wonderfully! Make it happen!


Current millenial here, I am 25 years old. 4 year degree in Project Mgmt. PMP certified. Couldn’t get hired. Created my own business to be independant contractor in projects. Work was slim for 2 years. Found my way into trading. I started less than a year ago, have since doubled my account since joining this room. DH, all thanks to you


This is simply an AMAZING service and crowd. Really pretty blown away.


I am cheap but this is the first subscription I am happy about. DH is a hard worker and not just about collecting fees – passionate.


Thanks for the education everyone. Learned more in past 3 months then the past 3 years.


Been a good room for a long time.


DH – totally want to thank you for the controlled / patient approach you share — very rational.


DH, finding your room has been a godsend. I have never felt more in control when pulling the trigger. You are tops!


Allow me to take this opportunity on a late Friday afternoon, after a really good day Dave, to tell you that with 35 years in the ES pit, and then 3 1/2 years struggling on my own on the screen and getting killed, you have turned me around to doing what I know best, except in the right way, and I learn so damn much too. so thank-you Dave.


There are people selling trading techniques and strategies for hundreds and thousands of dollars. I’m so glad I found this place. I’ve been here for almost two weeks. Everything was so overwhelming I was almost ready to quit. But I figured there must be something I’m missing. I didn’t know there was a book written by DH. I read the first two chapters and now I understand pretty much everything he talks about all day. 🙂 I’m looking forward to learning more.


I am one of your members and love the work you do. The way you explain the charts each day live and also in the daily commentary videos is really amazing. You are so in tune with it. Thanks for the work you put in and I now see how the markets move in these measured move cycles. I hope you continue doing this for many years to come as I look forward to your analysis each day. Keep up the fantastic work and i hope to eventually see the markets the same way you do.



DH, about 4 yrs in your room now, thank you for your expert analysis and long hrs. you put in for your members, unbelievable commitment. I have closed all positions, have to run. had some huge days with you in 4 yrs, not like the past 24 hrs., thank you, have a great weekend.


Dave.. been with you about a year now.. Have to tell you I listen to classical music in one ear and you all day during the market, in the other ear. You have totally changed this 36 year veteran of the markets trading style and technique, you have opened my eyes, you have taught me a new way to look at not just the markets we are in, but the world we live in. Thank-you.