Gap/Half Gap Fill Indicator

Plots the gap and half gap fill based on the 4pm cash close. It also marked the 10. 20. and 30 handle moves that correlate with our gap fill statistics.

by: BWD/Crash

NYSE Tick Entry

Plots the NYSE tick level in a bubble on any 15 minute chart at the users specified threshold above or below +400 and -400.

by: BWD

SlashBerg Tick

Plots the NYSE tick on a one minute chart. It includes a histogram that allows you to see where the tick has been.

by: Just

NYSE Opening Breadth

Plots the NYSE market breadth at the market open.

by: BWD

NYSE Market Breadth

Plots the NYSE market breadth throughout the day.

by: BWD

NYSE Divergence

Plots the NYSE tick in relation to the /es to identify divergences.

by: BWD

Gap Fill Trader

A more feature rich gap fill study. Allows for the modification of gap fill statistics that appear on the chart.

by: BWD

Market Internals

A grid that includes NYSE and Nasdaq up vs. down volume, advancers vs. decliners and the yields of the 3 month, 5, 10 and 30 treasury markets.